What is empowerment?

Walking as a truly empowered individual is being connected to your inner self. Understanding and knowing how to gauge and navigate your way through your internal vibrational system. When you realign with your true nature of this vibration, there is a deep connection made with your higher self/ Divine nature.

How do we do this?

In this workshop, Harmony will be guiding you all and giving tools on how to track your programs, processing those programs, understanding what a NO, YES and MAYBE feel like. By understanding how to make decisions and taking those decisions in our lives, this requires us to step into alignment on all levels which cuts off the lines of projections, blames, stories and more. Because.. honestly, if you made a decision to do something and it simply didn't work out... it was a complete failure, who is to blame when you made the decision to do what you did?

Taking back your lost power is also a valuable and essential tool for spiritual growth. Unknowingly we all gave our power away even as children. We will be reclaiming our lost power and feeling our energy bodies come alive in a whole new way.

If you're ready to walk as a truly empowered person then this workshop is for you.




TIME: LIVE Sunday, October 29, 1-7 PM

OR Anytime Online


LOCATION: Anywhere Online

or In-Person at

Flowering Heart Center

300 Feather Tree Drive

Clearwater, Florida 33765


All Participants will receive the link to watch the course online anytime that is convenient and to watch it over again as many times as they want.


COST: $75


Register at: https://harmonypoloempowerment.eventbrite.com



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