Singing is a universal language. There could be many different nationalities sitting in one room and once the song/ Mantra has begun, one forgets about the language barrier and becomes a unified field of oneness. Love emanates through the heart, sound fills the body, mind and soul and we become beacons of light. This is where transformation occurs, healing happens, love flowers the heart and we raise our frequencies into higher states of consciousness.


Kirtan/ Bhakti Yoga is a conscious group of people coming together with the intention to raise their own vibration and connect to the space of the higher self.

Kirtan/ Mantra singing is a prayer. We can pray for ourselves, family members, our community, our Earth and much much more. We can pray collectively for one specific prayer and in this prayer.. we sing!

One needs absolutely NO experience to join a Kirtan, even if you feel you cannot sing or you've been shy to dance... this is the container IS FREEDOM. It is one of safety and trust. A place where "we" can let down our guards and drop into a deep heart space of truth. Being you on all levels. No one to impress, no place to go, nobody to answer to.

Through the 8 years of singing Kirtan, Harmony has had the deepest and most rewarding liberations. She says, "it has not always been a easy road, there were times my throat chakra was blocked and nothing would come out, there were times all I wanted to do is cry and other times I fell into the deepest space of joy."

Harmony holds a powerful SACRED Divine feminine space. The Divine energies that work through her are of this nature. When she sings, it is only for the Divine nature in her heart. This is what creates the channel of LOVE.

One can experience causeless joy, rapturous laughter, tears of release, tears of joy, silence, stillness, body activations, deep profound healing, transformation, peace within and much more.

She calls this COSMIC SOUND ACTIVATION as she works with the cosmic sounds of Sanskrit and the Indian Saragam for the vibrational connection to the universal potential of love. She has a gentle way of guiding each group into a state of this cosmic sound. The activation comes when the participant truly surrenders to the sound, lets' the outside world go, let's the expectations of the event dissipate and when the judgments go.


Judgement: Oh she is good. Oh she isn't so good. Wow.. her voice is amazing, Oh i can sing better..

This is not a competition nor a concert.

These are prayers.
Allow, release, surrender to the LOVE.



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LOCATION: Anywhere Online


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