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Classes with Suzanne Champlin

Coming Soon!


As with other forms of meditation, pottery requires a balance of effort and letting go. One must move the clay into form and balance yet allow the clay to move into what it will become. As we explore and work with the process of clay there is a certain surrender of will. To get the clay centered, in balance, we need to breathe and allow ourselves to be centered first. The clay absorbs and records our every motion. As we come into calm and strength the clay responds with balance and harmony creating a vessel that will be both functional as well as pleasing to the senses.

In this class you will have the opportunity to explore different types of clay formation as well as a safe environment to work through blocks and resistance to your own letting go. Clay is a profound healer on many levels. Come and play while creating and exploring your own inner journey.

We will keep you posted on times and dates.


Rev Suzanne Champlin

(727) 458-3208