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Rev Suzanne Champlin

Spiritual Teacher & Counselor

Interfaith Minister

Divine Healer

Reiki Master



Rev Dr Michael Milner, PhD

Spiritual Teacher & Counselor

Awakened-Life Coach

Interfaith Minister

Taoist Priest

Abbot for the Seraphic Order


300 Feather Tree Drive
Clearwater, FL 33765

(727) 686-3912

(727) 458-3208




Online Anytime that's Convenient for You


It’s time to wake-up & remember who you are. Ancient scriptures proclaim “you are gods”, “elohim”, immortal divine beings, clothed with brilliant light, possessing extraordinary creative abilities, divine authority to release grace & abundance on this planet, and the power to bind & neutralize all obstacles & negative forces. Your true potential is absolutely mind-boggling! 

We are going to activate the divine code within, and begin our metamorphosis into the full expression of the divine beings we have always been.

Drink deeply from the living fountain of initiation & empowerment. Take a life-changing journey with us into the Heart of the Divine Light!

“I said you are gods”

Metaphysics of Scripture

Demystified & Freed from Religion




Scriptures, the sacred writings of any spiritual tradition, transmit real energy, consciousness, experience & insight of enlightened masters, mystics, prophets & saints. When we hear their words with open hearts, they can powerfully transport us into the same frequency of being, the same state of consciousness, that they were in.


They reveal a plan for the awakening & transformation of humanity, & they transmit the light, the power & the grace that will initiate & accelerate that process in us. 


Obscured by dogma & religious tradition they lead to captivity, confinement & slavery.


Once demystified & freed from religion, scriptures are a very practical metaphysical guidebook and a living fountain of initiation & empowerment for our metamorphosis into the divine beings we are intended to become.


Let the Metamorphosis begin!

This Course will fill you with Power & Light!

You will never see scripture in the same way again!



With Rev. Dr. Michael Milner & Rev. Suzanne Champlin




For an afternoon of Powerful Energy Transfers (Flowering Heart Blessings),

Guided Meditations, Life-Changing Teachings & Processes,

Open-Eye Light Transmissions, Great Fellowship & More!




Location: Online Anywhere


Time: Anytime that is Convenient for You



Requested Donation: $49  


Click Here to Register: http://isaidyouaregods.eventbrite.com



IN THE MEANTIME, be sure to take the special Blessing Giver Initiation Course,

FREE, when you subscribe to our Newsletter!

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Parking at Flowering Heart Center


For a Google Map & Directions to the Front Entrance Click Here


IMPORTANT: Flowering Heart Center is in a residential neighborhood. To avoid any conflict with our neighbors,

we need most of the cars to park around back at

231 Tulane Avenue.


Click Here for the Google Map & Directions to our Rear Parking Lot

 231 Tulane Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33765

We are at the dead end, last driveway on the right.


NOTE: Please, do not go into the neighbors driveway at 227 Tulane.

But you can park in the overspill parking lot next to their house,

behind the office building.