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Rev Dr Michael Milner, PhD

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Parvathi Padma Dhyana

The Feminine Complement to Chakra Dhyana

That Grounds & Integrates the Kundalini Energy with the Body


Parvathi is the wife of Shiva, a benevolent form of the Supreme Goddess, the Divine Feminine. Padma is Sanskrit for Lotus. Dhyana is Sanskrit for Meditation. Hence we could call this the "Divine Feminine Lotus Meditation". Just as Parvati is the feminine counterpart to Shiva, Parvathi Padma Dhyana completes and provides the Divine Feminine balance to Chakra Dhyana.


This important complement to Chakra Dhyana grounds the Kundalini energy down through the body, healing, energizing and transforming the body. In addition to lying in Shavasana (that is on our backs with our eyes closed, arms at our sides, palms facing upward) regular practice of Parvathi Padma Dhyana can help us keep the Kundalini energies grounded, balanced and integrated with the physical, emotional and psychological levels of our being.


If people encounter difficulties after the Kundalini energies rise into the upper chakras, it may be because they have not grounded and integrated those energies with their bodies, emotions and deeper psychological levels of their being. In this case, Parvathi Padma Dhyana would be very beneficial!


For detailed instructions on the practice of Chakra Dhyana (Click here).


In my groups I often use this variation: The energy can be exhaled all the way down down through the feet into the earth, down into the core of the planet and out to all the sentient beings living on the earth, turning the entire world golden. Then one would inhale from the earth up through the soles of the feet to the crown (and through the crown into the heavens) and exhale down from the crown through the feet into the earth. This is very powerful, uniting heaven and earth and bringing healing and transformation to the planet and to all living creatures on the earth.

Variants of this "grounding principle" can also be found in Taoist breathing exercises like the Microcosmic Orbit. This is accomplished through simultaneously cultivating and carefully balancing both the rising (yang) and descending (yin) energies, moving the kundalini energy up the back and down the front of the body in a complete circle, like the snake swallowing its tail, the “ouroboros” of Western alchemy. In Taoist culture, this is known as the “microcosmic orbit”, and among many other benefits, it is an instant solution to almost all the negative side-effects related to raising kundalini without sufficient grounding and balance.


For more about the Taoist arts Click Here