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Rev Suzanne Champlin

Spiritual Teacher & Counselor

Interfaith Minister

Divine Healer

Reiki Master



Rev Dr Michael Milner, PhD

Spiritual Teacher & Counselor

Awakened-Life Coach

Interfaith Minister

Taoist Priest

Abbot for the Seraphic Order


300 Feather Tree Drive
Clearwater, FL 33765

(727) 686-3912

(727) 458-3208





You can take this course anytime, anywhere!


During this course you will have the opportunity to become a Flowering Heart Blessing Giver & receive the ability to activate others as Blessing Givers


The Power of Blessing

Transfer of Spiritual Energy & Consciousness

A Key to Awakening & Transformation

In all Spiritual Traditions


Register at: https://the-power-of-blessing.eventbrite.com





At the heart of every spiritual tradition is a very reliable but often overlooked key to healing, awakening and transformation. That key is the Power of Blessing, the direct transfer of spiritual energy and consciousness to awaken the latent divine energy and consciousness in the receiver.


The phenomenon of Blessing exists in all the great spiritual traditions under various names and forms including: initiation, transmission, empowerment, the laying on of hands, the gift of the Holy Spirit, kundalini awakening, shaktipat, deeksha, eye blessing, reiki, Nui Gung Gee Liao, etc.


Without the Power of Blessing to activate and energize them, to quicken them, spiritual practices (like yoga, prayer, Ch'i Kung, meditation and rituals) can be lifeless and unproductive, no matter how well they are done or for how many years. It is the Grace and Power of Blessing that unlocks the potential of all spiritual practices and makes them come alive.


In this course you will learn about the Power of Blessing in several traditions. We will learn some new breathing and meditation techniques to awaken, balance and integrate the kundalini, the Divine energy within you, and you will be able to continue these practices on your own at home. You will experience a very special form of eye blessing and have the opportunity to both give and receive the Flowering Heart Blessing, a powerful sacred transmission to awaken the Divine within, cause the heart to flower with unconditional love and accelerate the process of awakening into oneness with all that is. You will learn how to give the Flowering Heart Blessing yourself and activate this ability in the receivers, so they in turn will be able to pass it on to others.


In the past, only highly evolved beings, initiates and spiritual adepts could give such a blessing. But now we are living at a time when anyone who offers themselves as an instrument of Grace can instantly experience the Power of Blessing flow through them to others.  It doesnít require any special initiation. The all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present Spirit is equally available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Your true self is the vortex of power. Your spiritual heart is the temple of transformation. The Divine within you, your Higher Self already living in your heart, is the Teacher you seek. It is time to awaken to your true mastery, to remember who you are, to awaken the Divine within.


Experience the quickening!  To learn more about the Flowering Heart Blessing, go to: https://floweringheart.org/floweringheartblessing.htm


This course will include:


~ Teachings on the Transfer of Spiritual Energy & Consciousness

~ Breath & Meditation Techniques to Awaken Kundalini,

        The Divine Energy within you

~ Special Eye Blessing

~ Flowering Heart Blessings, Hands-on and by Intention

~ Activation to become a Flowering Heart Blessing Giver

       & the ability to activate others to do the same


Anytime Anywhere Online


Take or retake the course online anytime that is convenient for you.

Watch the video recording as many times as you want, at no additional charge.


Cost: $49 per person


Please, be sure to register in Advance at:





Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is Flowering Heart Blessing different than other forms of Blessing, like Oneness Deeksha, Reiki, etc.?

A: Yes. There are many wonderful forms of Blessing (spiritual energy transfer).  What distinguishes Flowering Heart Blessing is that it focuses primarily on the Flowering of the Heart with unconditional love and the awakening and deepening of your connection with the Divine within you. Unity with the Divine being the aim, other benefits (like physical healing, higher states of consciousness, awakening and enlightenment, healing of relationships, miracles, etc.) are a very natural and normal outcome of the path to Divine Union.


Q: Is Flowering Heart Blessing also for awakening, transformation and enlightenment?

A: Yes. Unity with the Divine is the core of the Flowering Heart Blessing, and merging with the Divine results in the disappearance of self and any experience of separation from the All-That-Is. That is awakening in the fullest sense.


I give another form of Blessing or energy transfer (it could be Oneness Deeksha, Sai Ma Deeksha, Reiki, Gifts of the Holy Spirit through the Laying on of Hands, etc.). According to your description, Flowering Heart Blessing is different from other forms of Blessing, but it is also given by laying your hands on the top of the recipient's head; so I have two questions:


Q 1: Will I be able to differentiate between Flowering Heart Blessing and the other forms of Blessing I give?

A: Yes. Flowering Heart Blessing has a distinctive feeling, going straight into the spiritual heart and radiating out from there through one's entire being. You will probably clearly feel the difference between this and other forms of Blessing when giving or receiving it. Even if you don't feel the difference, if you are activated to give more than one kind of Blessing, the intent you take when giving a Blessing will determine which kind flows through you at any given time, so they will not become confused or mixed together. We recommend only giving one kind of Blessing at a time, and telling the receiver exactly which they are receiving. In this way each tradition and form of Blessing is honored and remains distinct.


Q 2: Is there a conflict between Flowering Heart Blessing and other kinds of Blessing, so whoever has been initiated to give this Blessing will have to choose one and stop practicing the others?

A: No. All true Blessings and gifts of Grace come from the same Divine Source, so there is no conflict or competition between them at all. If you begin to give Flowering Heart Blessing, you do not need to stop giving Reiki or Oneness Blessings or Christian Healing, etc. For example: If I take up yoga, I don't need to stop doing Ch'i Kung, or going to my church or temple. I just don't do them all at the same time. If I start taking B vitamins, I don't need to stop taking vitamin A, etc.


Q: If I attend the course online instead of in-person at Flowering Heart Center, will my experience be as powerful and effective?

A: Yes. There is no time or distance in spirit. Flowering Heart Blessing is a transfer of spiritual energy and consciousness and is therefore unbounded by time and space. The energy and presence will be felt as if you were in the same room with us.


Q: Can I take the course whenever I want and watch it over again more than once?

A: When you register, we will send you the link to the online course. The video recording of the course will remain available at that link permanently, so you can take the course whenever it is convenient for you and watch it over again as many times as you want at no additional charge. Since there is no time or distance in spirit, it will be as powerful as if you attended with us live or in-person.


Q: Will I be activated to give the Blessing if I attend the course online?

A: Yes. Everyone who attends this course will be activated as a Flowering Heart Blessing Giver, whether they attend in-person or online.


Q: Will I be able to activate others to give this Blessing?

A: Yes. When someone receives this Blessing from you, they will immediately be activated as a Flowering Heart Blessing Giver. Also, anyone they give the Blessing to will be activated to give it. To receive Flowering Heart Blessing is to be activated as a Blessing Giver who can both give the Blessing and activate others to give it.


Q: What kinds of Blessings will we be able to give? Will we be able to give eye blessing?

A: You will be activated to give blessings to others by the laying on of hands and at a distance by intention. This course is not intended to enable you to give eye blessing. Only the Divine itself can select and activate certain individuals to give blessings through the eyes. We will discuss this phenomenon during the course.


Q: How is Flowering Heart Blessing given? Does someone put their hand directly on your chest? Does their hand hover over your heart? Is it transmitted through eye blessing?

A: We give it by lightly laying our hands on the top of the head. It goes straight through the crown chakra into the heart and radiates out from there into the whole body and being. If you know someone well enough, you could put your hand on their chest. There are no rules. However, only someone who has been empowered by the Divine to give eye blessing could give the Flowering Heart Blessing through the eyes. It's up to the Divine to do that.


Q: What is the source of the Flowering Heart Blessing?

A: Flowering Heart Blessing comes directly from Spirit as an unconditional gift to all of Humanity. It does not come through any particular deity, teacher, tradition, or belief system. It doesnít matter what you believe or donít believe, if you are an agnostic or an atheist. The Flowering Heart Blessing will support whatever path or tradition you follow. It will grace and empower whatever spiritual practices you already use. There is nothing to join, no rules, no beliefs to accept, no teacher, hierarchy or program to submit to. It is a free gift from the Divine, no strings attached.


Q: What is meant by " The Flowering of the Heart"?

A: Click here for an explanation




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