"White Lotus on Blue Water" uAsed with permission from Artist Paul Heussenstamm http://www.mandalas.com/mandala/htdocs/FlowerGallery/WhiteLotusonBlueWater.php


International Holistic Spiritual Center

 "White Lotus on Blue Water" used with

permission from Artist Paul Heussenstamm http://www.mandalas.com



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Rev Suzanne Champlin

Spiritual Teacher & Counselor

Interfaith Minister

Divine Healer

Reiki Master



Rev Dr Michael Milner, PhD

Spiritual Teacher & Counselor

Awakened-Life Coach

Interfaith Minister

Taoist Priest

Abbot for the Seraphic Order


300 Feather Tree Drive
Clearwater, FL 33765

(727) 686-3912

(727) 458-3208



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Welcome to the Flowering Heart Family!

Pause to reflect and feel the inner peace that fills us anytime we connect with the Divine Source within us.

Our whole world begins to shift when we take a few moments every day to dip into the Peace and Harmony that comes from connection and oneness with all-that-is.


Blessings of Peace and Love,

Suzanne Champlin & Michael Milner



"When we discover the divine Presence within us, we begin to see our true sacred self, our original nature and our genuine inner teacher, and we are freed from seeking something outside of ourselves. We will cease giving away our power, through an enslaving dependence on external teachers, groups, beliefs, practices, rituals and places of power. We will stand free in the realization of our own inner divinity and enlightenment, pouring out unconditional love, compassion and grace to the world. This is the Spiritual Heart of Liberation."











The Book Club and Centering Prayer Group meet in-person at Flowering Heart Center, 300 Feather Tree Drive, Clearwater, Florida 33765, and live online via Zoom.


The Book Club focuses on Christian Mysticism, Meditation & Contemplative Prayer. Contemplative prayer is sometimes referred to as “Christian Meditation”, “Resting in God” or simply “Resting in the Presence”.


The Centering Prayer Group provides a weekly opportunity to experience this wonderful contemplative practice in the support of a group setting. Each Sunday we will conclude our meeting with 20 minutes of Centering Prayer. Feel free to join the Centering Prayer Group anytime.


"Contemplative Prayer is not something that can be achieved through will, but rather is God’s gift. It is the opening of mind and heart – one’s whole being – to God. Contemplative prayer is a process of interior transformation. It is a relationship initiated by God and leading, if one consents, to divine union."  

- Fr. Thomas Keating



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OUR MISSION is to raise human consciousness and bring about the flowering of the heart with unconditional love and compassion in as many people and as quickly as possible, through a powerful transmission of spiritual energy and light that flows directly from the divine source. It belongs to no tradition, hierarchy or belief system. We call this gift the Flowering Heart Blessing (Sanskrit: Hridaya Vikasa Diksha).

THE FLOWERING HEART BLESSING is usually given through the laying on of hands, but it can also be given at a distance by intent during prayer or meditation, and some people (with the calling and proper training) are able to transmit it directly through the eyes.




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Flowering Heart Blessing Giver Initiation

(Hridaya Vikasa Deeksha)

FREE Online


36 minute online class where you will be initiated as a Flowering Heart Blessing Giver. Receive the ability to give powerful energy transfers for healing, awakening & the Flowering of the Heart & be able to activate others to do the same... at no cost!


One participant commented: "Wow, you are not kidding about the Flowering Heart initiation. I did it the other day and the energy that flows from me has grown exponentially! I love this wonderful energy. Thank you so much!!!" - RT, Largo. FL


Click Here for the Initiation





Important Announcement


We have moved all of our online events & video courses to Vimeo.

We are no longer using Livestream. Please, take a moment to visit our new Vimeo webpage https://vimeo.com/floweringheart and click the "Follow" button in the upper right corner, so we can keep you informed.


NOTE: If you have been watching our free public events on Facebook Live, nothing will change.

You can keep going to https://www.facebook.com/rev.dr.milner  






Visit Our New

Healing Room


We just opened a specially consecrated Healing Room!

Here we offer Energy Balancing & Healing Sessions with Suzanne (click here)

& Spiritual Guidance, Counseling & Energy Sessions with Michael (click here)


When you visit the Healing Room, you are welcome to explore the potential benefits of several special frequency devices. We make no medical claims for these devices, nor do we offer diagnoses or treatments for any medical condition. We offer these technologies to provide the opportunity for you to treat yourself to a deeply relaxing & energizing experience. To make an appointment contact Suzanne (727-458-3208) or Michael (727-686-3912)  




 PEMF Mat & Belt

Combine 5 Therapies that work together synergistically:

                    1. PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

                    2. Photon therapy  

                    3. Far-infrared heat

                    4. Negative ions 

                    5. Crystals- amethyst, tourmaline, jade (+obsidian & quartz in the mat)


GB4000 & MOPA Plasma Tube Frequency Generator
Generates all the frequencies discovered by Dr. Royal Rife and other researchers who have carried on his work to this day. Frequency generators can be used legally for investigational purposes, such as: to experiment with energy balancing, regulation of energy pathways, relaxation and alpha entrainment, to investigate frequency effects, etc. None of these uses are intended as medical therapy.


The requested donation for use of the mat, belt or frequency generator is

 $1/minute, $20 minimum.




LIVE WEBCAST Every Monday 9-10 PM ET - FREE!

Darshan (With the Presence)

Satsang (Virtual Spiritual Community)

& Open Eye Light Meditation

(Hridaya Vikasa Nayana Deeksha)


with Michael Milner & Suzanne Champlin


Meditation, Presence, Healing, Awakening to the Divine Within,

Flowering of the Heart, Open-Eye Light Transmission, Q&A, Energy Transfers


Click Here for Details


WE'RE HAVING DARSHAN NOW EVERY MONDAY! Darshan is a Sanskrit word that means the “sight,” “vision,” or “appearance” of the Divine. While SATSANG means gathering together with other spiritual seekers, DARSHAN is finding what you seek! It is literally BEING in the physically tangible PRESENCE of the Divine. "Where 2 or 3 are gathered in My Name, I AM manifest, there in their midst."
Anytime you have the opportunity to be in the manifest Presence of the Divine, you yourself are "seen" by the Divine, and it imparts a Blessing of Grace & Transformation that causes your spiritual heart to flower & your life to be transformed. The phenomenon of "being seen by the Divine" is manifest whenever we come together to invoke the Presence, but especially during the Flowering Heart Eye Blessing (Hridaya Vikasa Nayana Deeksha)



Come & drink freely from the Fountain of Life!


ALSO ON FACEBOOK LIVE: https://www.facebook.com/rev.dr.milner




Taoist Elixir System

(Tao Ahn Pai)



ENERGY HEALING (Nui Gung Gee Liao)



IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you come to this class for the first time, please contact me directly

in advance, so I can prepare you and give you some details about what we will be doing.

Thank you. Call (727) 686-3912 or email michael@floweringheart.org


Taught by Ven. Rev. Michael Milner
Hé Tiān Dì Dàoshì (合天地 Union of Heaven & Earth 道士 Way Teacher)
Abbot, Huā Xīn Guǎn (花 心 觀 Flowering Heart Temple)


FLOWERING HEART CENTER, 300 Feather Tree Dr, Clearwater FL 33765

 (For Info Click Here)







7:30-9:30 PM Blessing Circle EVERY Wednesday



SATSANG = Gathering in community with others on the spiritual path


with Michael Milner & Suzanne Champlin


300 Feather Tree Drive, Clearwater

For Details Click Here





Are you ready for a quantum shift into love, gratitude

and a fully awakened heart? Join us:

Diamond Heart Quantum Liberation

2-Day Retreat

Future Dates To Be Announced


In-House at Flowering Heart Center

300 Feather Tree Drive, Clearwater, FL 33765


Healthy snacks & a light vegetarian lunch will be served Saturday & Sunday


NEW! Those who have attended a previous Diamond Heart process may repeat the entire weekend for half price! (details below)

Explore the Flowering Heart Path with us.  Experience the Flowering Heart Blessing, Diamond Heart Light Body Activation, Quantum Awakening & God Realization and the Flowering Heart (Open Eye) Light Meditation. 

We will use various Sacred Processes, Teachings, Mantras & Meditations that free us from the reactive mind, negative emotions & psychological programming, to help us dive deeply into the sacred space of the Heart, unconditional love, higher consciousness & oneness with the divine. We will receive Grace to tune us to the highest possible frequency and to illuminate our Spiritual Heart with the Diamond Light of Love, Grace & Enlightened Consciousness.

Together we will make a Quantum Leap deeply into the Spiritual Heart. Here our True Sacred Self, our Original Nature of enlightened awareness, clear intuition, wisdom, unconditional love & genuine connection with the inner Divine all spring to life within us!

When we encounter and embrace the divine spark within us, the Diamond Heart is born (sometimes called diamond body, rainbow body, diamond vehicle, vajrayana, golden flower, immortal embryo, merkaba and many other names).

Our journey together will include a Diamond Heart Light Body activation, and initiation as a Flowering Heart Blessing Giver (Hridaya Vikasa Diksha) with the ability to initiate others as Blessing Givers and the Flowering Heart (Open Eye) Light Meditation.

The retreat will conclude with an enormously powerful new process called the Diamond Heart Blessing Circle. During this dynamic 108 minute process, Blessings flow continuously through everyone in the circle to burn through mental blocks & emotional charges, to tune us to the highest possible frequency and to illuminate our Spiritual Heart with the Diamond Light of Love, Grace & Enlightened Consciousness.

The Flowering Heart Blessing (Hridaya Vikasa Diksha) is a powerful catalyst for transformation. It is a transmission of divine energy, grace and enlightened consciousness that flows directly from the divine source. It is fully interfaith and does not belong to any spiritual or religious tradition, teacher, master, organization or hierarchy. It is free of cost and supports all paths. This powerful blessing awakens enlightened consciousness, unconditional love, compassion and connection with the divine within one’s own spiritual heart, causing it to flower in a beautiful process of transformation.

When we discover the divine Presence within us, we begin to see our true sacred self, our original nature and our genuine inner teacher, and we are freed from seeking something outside of ourselves. We will cease giving away our power, through an enslaving dependence on external teachers, groups, beliefs, practices, rituals and places of power. We will stand free in the realization of our own inner divinity and enlightenment, pouring out unconditional love, compassion and grace to the world. This is the Spiritual Heart of Liberation.

Join us for the journey of a lifetime!


This retreat will include:

Flowering Heart (open eye) Light Meditation

Flowering Heart Blessings to Awaken Divine Light & Love in the Spiritual Heart

Diamond Heart Light Body Activation

Tibetan Om Mani Peme Hung Mantra Meditation

Meditations to raise Kundalini (divine energy in the body) & clear the Chakras

Processes to clear thoughts, emotional charges & psychological programming

Quantum Realization of Divine Union & Enlightened Consciousness

Activation/Initiation as a Blessing Giver, to initiate others & lead groups

The NEW “Diamond Heart Blessing Circle” Process

       …and much more



2 Day Spiritual Immersion 11am Sat.-6pm Sun. - Cost: $250 Healthy snacks & a light vegetarian lunch will be served Saturday & Sunday.

Repeat $125 for those who have participated in a previous Diamond Heart process and wish to repeat the entire weekend.



Saturday 11AM–7PM In-House Only


Sunday 11AM–6 PM  In-House Only - Concludes with the Diamond Heart Blessing Circle











Visit our calendar for up-to-date Information on all of our events

including times, locations & details. Click here:







Feeling Much Gratitude For All Our Teachers!

Christ, Share Lew and so many others...

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What is meant by "The Flowering of the Heart"?

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Experience Flowering Heart Blessing - What Is It?

(Hridaya Vikasa Deeksha)

A transfer of spiritual energy and consciousness for

Healing, Awakening, the Flowering of the Heart & Unity with the Divine Within


Click Here for Details & FAQ






The Pathless Path is The New Paradigm


The Pathless Path is the New Paradigm, the True Path of Mastery! Our passion is to help people discover the inner strength, clarity & freedom to follow their own unique path, to take back their power & let go of excessive dependence on outer spiritual forms & teachers & structures. This frees us to follow our own heart & be led by our own inner Divinity, without unnecessary external interference from gurus, religions, spiritual organizations, hierarchies, doctrines & rules. In this way, we can be Sovereign, Sentient, Divine Beings, which is our birthright. This is the New Paradigm & the true path of mastery.


All of our teachings, transmissions & processes have this goal in mind. From that place of personal empowerment & freedom, we can all make a much more valuable contribution to our spiritual communities & maintain healthy relationships with our spiritual teachers & mentors.


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We recommend watching the April 29 Inaugural Communion Service

It lays the foundation for our future services & explains some important concepts

Click Here




Monthly, Online or In-Person at Flowering Heart Center.

Interfaith & Inclusive. EVERYONE is welcome.


Prayers, Teachings, Communion, Blessings,

Fellowship & Goodies

For Details Click Here



Join a thriving virtual community uniting kindred spirits around the world




Interfaith Altar 




International Holistic Spiritual Center 


A safe and gentle place where people come together...


...to be liberated from the chatter and interference of the mind,


...to get in touch with their hearts and allow them to blossom,


...to become whole in spirit, soul, body and relationships,


...to discover unconditional Love, Joy and Peace,


...to be Awakened into Unity within ourselves, with each other, with all of Creation

       and with the Divine Presence,


...to learn to Live fully, freely and in spontaneous harmony with all that exists,


...to contribute to the Healing and Awakening of the Collective of Humanity and of the Earth itself.


...to help people with the challenging personal & planetary shifts we are passing through as we move into a new Global Consciousness, recognizing that the most important help for us and our loved ones during the changes ahead will be our own Flowering Hearts!




"However awakened you are, has your heart flowered? Are you kind?
The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. To change the world, you must begin with yourself, with the the flowering of the heart.
When we begin to accept ourselves exactly as we are, experiencing the full content of each moment without conflict or resistance & join together around the world with others whose hearts are flowering, the Light of Infinite Love will flood the Earth!"


- Michael Milner

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."  


- Albert Einstein





Flowering Heart Soul Food

Menu of Online Courses



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Healing, Energy Balancing and Integration Sessions



with Rev. Suzanne Champlin


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Unleash the Master within!


Spiritual Counseling & Energetic Transmissions



One-On-One Sessions with Rev. Dr. Michael Milner, Ph.D.




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An Interfaith Spiritual Order

In the Lineage of the Order of Melchizedek


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Meditation Section

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Contact us:




 Rev Dr Michael Milner, PhD

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(727) 686-3912






Rev Suzanne Champlin

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(727) 458-3208




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"However awakened you are, has your heart flowered?
 Are you kind?"
- Michael Milner






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