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Rev Suzanne Champlin

Spiritual Teacher & Counselor

Interfaith Minister

Divine Healer

Reiki Master



Rev Dr Michael Milner, PhD

Spiritual Teacher & Counselor

Awakened-Life Coach

Interfaith Minister

Taoist Priest

Abbot for the Seraphic Order



300 Feather Tree Drive
Clearwater, FL 33765

(727) 686-3912

(727) 458-3208




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Energy Balancing and Healing Sessions

with Suzanne



Rev. Suzanne Champlin





About the Sessions


1: The sessions begin with energy connection and infusion of Divine energy.


2: Movement of the cerebral spinal fluid from the base of the spine to the head.


3: The fluid is flooded with a bright pink, purple and blue energy that is infused throughout the whole neural-network of the body.


4: Stimulation of the meridians around the eyes.


5: The ida (the silver, female, yin) and pingala (the golden, masculine, yang)  nadis  are balanced and energized, flowing through all the chakras.


6: A balancing between the throat and third eye chakra.


7: Grounding of the energy to the feet and all 80,000 energy points (nadis).


8: Chakra balancing and clearing up through the head.


9: Bringing in the higher chakras into the crown and balanced into the heart chakra.


10: From within the heart chakra, the subtle bodies are cleared and integrated into the aura and expanded to Divine connection.


11: A return to the head and ear region to see check that the energy is flowing more easily.


12: Topped off with a Flowering Heart Blessing and prayer for Divine integration.


After the first initial session the above goes really quickly and there seems to be a deeper clearing of blocks that are causing more chronic problems. Often times I feel moved to specific areas, organs, back tension…


It is my intention that this only takes 1-3 sessions as we need to be open to the healing energies ourselves. Once we are balanced and integrated we have access to the energy through prayer and intention.


The sessions are only 20 minutes but take about 2-5 days to complete as I have also asked the Divine to be as powerful and gentle as possible!






In September of 2009, I began to receive pieces of a Divine Download. It started to come through in a picture of a double golden silver spiral matrix helix. Yes, that’s quite a mouthful! It was coming through very clearly, but I had no clue what it really meant except that it was working with energy and the helix was reminiscent of the DNA structure. The gold and silver seemed to be the yin and yang, sun and moon, male and female. When Michael and I went to India in January, I prayed for clarity about this and guidance on how to use it. Upon our return, Michael and I prayed that it would be revealed how to best deliver this transmission.


After we got back from India, Michael had increasing problems with his right eye.  His vision was blurred and full of wavy lines. We went to an ophthalmologist to make sure it was not an organic problem, and the tests were clear that medicine couldn't explain it even after taking photos of his retina.


I worked on him one evening for about 20 minutes, and the download came through very powerfully. I felt the cerebrospinal fluid moving up and down his spine and then it infused with a beautiful energy. This then radiated out into his whole being through fluid, energetic and neural-networks. At the end I put my hands over his ears and the energy flooded in, creating balance and an easy free flow of prana through the ida and pingala nadis, major energy channels which wind along the full length of the spine through all the chakras.


The next morning he woke up with 100% of his visual clarity restored. We were both very excited and amazed with this transmission! I have since then worked on several people and they have all been amazed at the healing taking place. What seems to be happening is that there is a need for the body to have some assistance to help integrate the energetic and physical shifts that are taking place during the awakening process. Many of us have received multiple energy transmissions and initiations. This new energy gift seems to bring them into balance and help our bodies to integrate them all. One thing that has been common for many people is the energy getting blocked around the neck and also a lack of grounding throughout the body down to the feet. From the collective perspective, it seems that many on the path of awakening are transitioning from the fifth (throat) chakra to the sixth (third eye) chakra. This is a tricky one as it requires surrender to the Divine and many charges and blocks can occur here. 


When & How


I am offering healing sessions on Thursday (in house and distant) and Sunday afternoons (distance only) when our schedule permits. The sessions take 20 minutes plus 10 or more minutes to continue to rest afterwards and 2-5 days to complete.


Distance Healing: It does work very well from a distance as the Divine has no separation in time or space. I actually feel it works better as people don’t have to drive after and I can just focus on the energy bodies without the physical body there to move around.


I ask people to send me by email a photo of the head and shoulder region. I will print it out and use that for the healing. We will then schedule a time where we can both be focused on the energy and set the intention for 20 minutes or longer if needed but the download seems to complete consistently within 20 minutes. When you send the email include your phone number again so I can put it on your photo when I print it out. If you live internationally we can do this with just the intention set on the time by email or through skype. I have unlimited long distance to Canada.


If you would like to write a testimony of your experiences it has been helpful for others to get a feel for this new download!


Love, Light and Blessings,


To schedule a session contact:


Rev Suzanne Champlin


(727) 458-3208



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For a Healing Session with Suzanne please make a Donation of $100

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Or send a check or money order  for $100 payable to:


"Flowering Heart"

300 Feather Tree Drive

Clearwater, FL 33765.



Read some testimonies:


First of all Suzanne I want to express my gratitude for the beautiful and powerful healing and for the prayers you did for my mother (because her passing away) and for my family.
Today it's exactly one week ago I got my first distance healing session from you. Here's my experience:
A few minutes after I had to lie on my back I noticed that some kind of energy was starting to slowly surround my body. Soon after I had this feeling I saw that I was totally enveloped in a field of golden light. I was cherished by this light. Very nice. Any heaviness was gone. It felt as if I was levitating. My breathing was very soft and refined. In a space of vast stillness and peace I could clearly feel a transformation process, although very subtle, was taking place inside me. This continued during the whole session.
II also could feel the precise moment the healing session ended. When I kept laying on my back for about fifteen minutes the love and peace of the cocoon of golden light around me was still there. Almost immediately after the session I went to bed and had a sound sleep until the next morning. After I got up I felt very good and relaxed. Not in a very special way though. Later that day in the afternoon I had a conversation with a good friend of mine in a noisy restaurant. While I was talking to her, some remarkable things happened. I suddenly came into a state of heightened wakefulness. I started to witness our conversation in a disconnected connectedness. The words I was speaking just poured out my mouth all by itself.
My body was speaking but somehow I was not there. Then, again while I kept on speaking, I at once heard a "click sound" in my left ear which has an audibility capacity of less than 50 percent. I have this deafness of my left ear since my early childhood because of an ear inflammation. So with this strange click in my ear the hearing was opened up somehow. First I had to get used to my new hearing ability. I could not hear in a normal way anymore. My hearing felt completely out of balance. But after about one hour the right and left ear became one again, but in a new kind of setting.
First I thought this new hearing will last just a short period of time. I could not (and still cannot) believe it will be permanent. So I waited a few days to see if the deafness which I had for more than fifty years in that particular ear would come back. After five days now it seems my ear is still functioning in the updated mode. Maybe it did not recover for a full 100 percent, but I guess it's still a great miracle. I'm very happy with it. So I feel very blessed, and again my deepest thanks Suzanne.


I had almost completely lost the vision in my right eye. After one 20 minute session with Suzanne, my vision was immediately restored, completely & permanently! Michael Milner


Dear Suzanne: I have been plagued with migraines most of my adult life. Anyone who has this disorder knows how debilitating it is. After many consecutive days of headaches, I asked you for a second healing last weekend. Two days later, the headaches are gone, which is nothing short of a miracle of grace. If you’ve read my most recent article in ezinearticles.com, now on my website, you can see this former cynic is now a Believer in miracles and angels. Not only have I been given another miraculous gift, I can now add another angel to a growing list. Thank you for being a messenger of Divine peace, love and light. Susan Scharfman


Dear Suzanne, Lovely to hear your voice this morning. Thank you so much for these incredible sessions. So much was happening and still is. Thank you from our hearts to you and the Divine. We really are receiving many miracles. Much Gratitude, Lots of love & Blessings


Dear Suzanne, Your healing gift is truly amazing. The evening after the session I not only felt clear but I could see more clearly! When I worked with my body's meridians that night the strengthening and sedating points hooked up much faster than usual. So this healing affects our whole energy field! During the next week there has seemed to be a shift in my energies. I work with energy regularly so am used to assessing it. My acupressure points continue to connect faster than in the past. I have received an adjustment from my DO and had a massage. My pain is much less at present. I attribute this to the shift in my energy from my healing energy session with you. Thank you very much, B


Aloha Suzanne, thank you very much for the healing gift. The energy seemed to enter my body from the left. It arrived as a soft, powerful, liquid energy. After about ten minutes it suddenly transmuted into the golden ball. My whole body felt and still feels enveloped by this golden sphere which, of course, feels profoundly healing, protective and, of course, delicious. The inflammation or whatever it is in the region of my liver subsided significantly by the end of the session. I can still feel slight tenderness and twinges but much less than before the session.  It feels too early to know for sure how effective the healing has been on the tiredness and weakness. The golden ball is still doing its work. So I will update you in a few days. I am deeply grateful to you and Bhagavan for this healing gift. With love, light and blessings...


Here is the update on our session. About nine months ago I realized that my body needed to find a finer frequency of "fuel" to run on. The old "fuel" was no longer compatible and could therefore not energize the body
appropriately. The golden ball, which is still all around my body is this new fuel. It is also allowing the body to receive and embody more of Divine Presence without "burning" up. As a result the exhaustion is significantly
diminishing. It feels as though this is just the beginning of many revelations around the role of the golden ball and physical body transmutation. Thank you again from the depth of my heart



That is so amazing! I actually had a new download as a result of the healings on Sunday- this just keeps getting more amazing. I began with the healing and balancing of the energies up the spine, then the head then felt moved to go to the feet to connect the whole current. Then spontaneously I was moved to do a chakra healing, balancing and clearing then moved again to connect it all to our outer sphere- the cocoon or golden body. This was not planned (as if anything is- but beyond what had come through before!) but Divine energies were being reconnected so we can have direct access to all our levels. I was really excited to get your email because you described the session perfectly! Nice awareness!


Hi suzanne.....wow that was amazing.....my body was pulsating for about 6-7 hrs....i stayed in bed the rest of the day and night......i felt like i was being expanded...some heat and cold ...so i just rested and allowed the energies to do their work ...once again thank you...blessings to you...


I thought I would wait a few days before getting back to you about the Sunday afternoon session.  First of all, I was embraced by the most beautiful energy for about two hours.  I believe you said lie down for 30 minutes.   Well after, two hours, I had a hard time getting out of bed in case I disturbed the comfort  I was experiencing. During the night time, I experienced pain in my organs – liver, kidney, intestines.  After lying awake I finally fell asleep and when  I awoke in the morning, my body felt very different – it felt healed.  Since that time, I have not experienced any pain in any of my organs.  I did visit with two friends who do energy work and they both, independently,  confirmed that the parasites are confined in the small intestine and that all the other organs felt very sound.  They felt that with a homeopathic remedy, which is on its way,  my body was now ready to start eliminating the parasites... I am very grateful and appreciative of your time and the beautiful healing I received during our session. Many Blessings...


Hi Suzanne. I just wanted to get in touch after our session yesterday. I did feel some very powerful energy moving through me during the download.  There was definite work on the heart and third eye, and a lot of work in the lower body as well. I laid for a good half hour after just letting things move through me. I think that it did help me to get the energy and emotions flowing more freely. This morning I just sat and cried through most of my meditation, letting the feeling of powerlessness and surrender just be there. Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to have this session with me. Love and blessings, P. Dennis


Hi Suzanne, thanks for the session yesterday. At first I had a strong sensation
of a "knot" at my 2nd chakra which i could feel as I breathed in. It seems to
loosen after a few minutes and I then felt a cool, violet colored wisp of calm
descend over my whole body; my mind stilled and I drifted into a gentle
restful/meditative state which lasted about 45 mins. Again, many thanks and Blessings to you!


Thank you so much for the healing. I am better in general in all departments.  I still have all the same symptoms, but they are much less intense.  I did have one difficult night of symptoms, but most of the time I am much more functional.  Best of all, I feel calm and more quite inside than I have for a long time, and more patient as a result. I still don't want to do very much, but that's O.K.  Thank you again.


The session was fabulous...got a LOT of things moving...stagnant energy ....
I was able to get out and feel more like myself again... A.


The session with you was incredible. I felt energy moving from the top of my head downward. It was golden brilliant and felt very comforting. Then everything focused on my back at the waist level. It was drubbing for a while and then moved down to my feet and gave my feet a little tingle.


I've been wanting to get back to you about the healing transmission. It was wonderful. At some point I felt as if I had entered paradise. I was in a state of bliss for about an hour and then slept most of the day. During the transmission and a little after I found that I was able to welcome some sounds that would usually seem disturbing to me. It felt like " Oh, this is also part of Oneness " ...I have been dealing with this for the last 9 years and the transmission was the first thing that helped. I would like to arrange another healing transmission with you... M.


Thanks so much for the awesome session. Your gifts are amazing. Thank you for being who you are! A.


The 2nd healing I had from you was miraculous.  All the painful, burning stuck energy in my upper spine was cleared.  I was quite happy and was totally pain free the next day... I am requesting a 3rd healing to effect the tense muscles in my upper back, muscles that go into painful spasm too often and prevent sleep...  I have started to realize since the healing that there are stuck emotions there -- anger, frustration, and resistance rather than acceptance of any conditions to which I feel aversion.  These feelings have been coming into awareness...  Marianne


Dear Suzanne, Thank you for arranging to fit me into your schedule several Sunday's ago. I feel better than ever.