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Rev Dr Michael Milner, PhD

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Instructions for the practice of

“Awakening Meditation”

as taught by William Cooper, M.TH., LPC



To keep distractions to a minimum I would sit down comfortably, close my eyes, and place my internal gaze gently on my third eye.

The rest is simple.

You are Awareness....aware of what is happening in and around you right now.....so just relax as that Awareness.....nothing you have to do.....just let everything else do its own thing. Awareness does nothing but be aware. Easy! You are automatically aware of thoughts, emotions, sounds, sensations, etc.....so just relax...no need to get involved with them. Just let them do the work as they unwind, release and melt out of your system....

You rest and relax as Awareness.

That's it.

Yes, there will be lots of repressed stuff coming out of you. Just let it come out. It might be pandemonium for a while as it floods out.

Notice that you are Awareness.....and all the other stuff does release out like a bad odor and is gone....but you remain.

No matter....all that junk clouding your life burns off because, now, you no longer feed it energetically. You don't get involved with it but, rather, just observe it. You let it expend itself like a wound tight rubber band spinning and flopping around as it releases and unwinds.

You are Awareness either way and untouched. Only your body and mind are seemingly “working” and “reacting” to the releasing hurts, fears, angers, thoughts, etc. You are the One aware and watching it all....effortlessly...as it all happens.

Notice that.

Notice how you, standing as Awareness, are fine......always.

There is always clear seeing in Awareness. Once some of the other stuff burns off, that clarity also seeps into the mind....and into the body as well.

As you sit regularly you will experience your Self as Infinite Awareness.....and it will become obvious that all the other stuff that is coming out of your system is not you. You are the constant that is always here watching and experiencing all else burning off and disappearing. And as it does burn off, your body/mind clarifies and experiences an ever expanding freedom, love, peace and happiness.

Nice to not have all that stress and worry in you anymore. Nice to be clear.

Wait a second...

You mean this meditation is just resting as myself (Awareness) and simply being aware of everything else? Being with life as it is?

Yes...that's called being your Self and not trying to avoid or alter the present moment by changing things. It is also called, “Being in the now”.

Well couldn't I do that anywhere? It doesn't have to be in meditation.


You start by “meditating” to minimize involvement in the distractions. Quickly this “meditation”, ie, living life clearly....as it is.....will generalize out to the rest of your life.

Clarity feels so much better than a life lost to internal and external distractions.

That's why people meditate daily until clarity is restored.

Ok, how long should I meditate each day?

Well, how much old painful and distracting stuff do you have inside? It's like cleaning a dirty room. The more you clean, the quicker it gets done.

But anything amount of daily meditation is better than nothing.

I would start with what you will actually do....and then do it...every day. Maybe that is 5 minutes for you....that's a start. Then work yourself slowly up to an hour a day or so if possible.

Anyway, you have the idea.

For a more thorough discussion, go to the “Awakening Meditation” tab at www.williamecooper.wordpress.com

Love and Blessings, William